Yike Bike has invented unusual electric bicycle



This story starts with the meeting of several gifted inventors and entrepreneurs from New Zealand. They came together and decided to invent a bicycle. They asked each other a few questions. Further, we’ll find out what was the topic of their discussion.


What is the simplest and most universal way to get from point A to point B? Is it possible to create a vehicle that can be carried everywhere? What is the minimum wheel diameter required for comfortable driving in a wide variety of road conditions? Finally, is it possible to make a unicycle in which it will be as easy to ride as on a two-wheeled bike?


As a result, the electric bike YikeBike was born, which easily could be called one of the most advanced vehicles on the planet. Just see: the device that we visited on the test is almost entirely made of carbon, and as a source of energy, it uses a lithium-phosphate battery. This is one of the first in the world of serial devices, where a battery of this type is used, more powerful and energy-intensive than most modern batteries.


The main thing in YikeBike is design. It should be considered as spectacular, thoughtful and done with an eye for security. The man on YikeBike sits with his back straight, which means he looks at the traffic situation from the highest point. The device with a 20-inch front wheel very confidently storms road potholes and even curbs, however, if suddenly the obstacle turns out to be too harsh, the rider does not roll his head forward like a bicycle, but jumps to his feet.  If you are not sure yet what exactly you need, search the net seeking for the phrase magasin de velo en ligne.


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