New Zealand cocktails : my favorites

A cocktail can be described as a drink made using a distilled beverage e.g. brandy, tequila, rum, gin or whiskey and mixed with other ingredients. If beer is part of the ingredients, the drink is referred to as beer cocktail. Cocktails vary from place to place, bartender to bartender or even from the ingredients used. Here we look at some the favorite cocktails that can be found in New Zealand.

Discover here how to make an original mojito and also other tricks to make cocktail recipes make  it easy to make at home like this irish coffee recipe a beverage made from coffee, sugar, whiskey and cream.


This is a drink that suits all occasions to many gin lovers. It has a beautiful good taste of sour and sweet when perfectly done. It also stands out as the only cocktail here served with ice regularly one. Storing the drink near old food in the freezer can have a negative impact on the cocktails flavor.

· Ingredients.

30ml Campari.

30ml dry London gin.

30ml sweet vermouth (Martini Rosoo)

2-3 dashes of orange bitters

· Directions.

All ingredients should be added in a glass stirred for 20 seconds or more plus ice and served with an orange twist.

The last word.

Though there is an argument onto whether the last word should be stirred or shaken, experts suggest that it should be stirred to bring out a more delicate mouth feel.

· Ingredients.

25ml fresh lime juice

25ml Hendricks gin

25ml maraschino

25ml green chartreuse.


Add all the ingredients are added on a mixing glass and stirred. One should taste after 20 seconds or more after stirring to make sure the desired taste is acquired and served with ice.

French 75.

It is leavened with a lavish champagne splash and served tall. One should choose champagne according to his/her own budget e.g. if the budget is tight one can go for dry prosecco.

· Ingredients.

20ml fresh lemon juice.

40ml gin (London dry gin)

20ml triple sec (Cointreau)

· Directions.

Should be shaken well over ice inside a cocktail shaker, served in a cold glass with a lemon garnish.

Classic Dry Martini.

This is the only classic cocktail that can be made using only 2 ingredients. A gin preferably Bombay star or Tanqueray 10 a common choice for cocktail fans.

· Ingredients.

5-10ml of vermouth {depends on how dry wants it)

60ml of gin (Bombay Star or Tanqueray 10)

· Directions.

Optimal 6-10 water dilution stirred for 20 seconds or more in a mixing glass with ice. Should be poured straight in a cocktailed glass that is chilled if possible from a freezer. Fresh Sicilian green olives on a skewer and a lemon zest on the surface are advisable for a smooth finish.

Other cocktails worth mentioning include The White Lady, Flaming Lemon Drop, Flaming Gorilla, and Four Horsemen among many others.

The cocktails can be enjoyed in different bars and outlets around New Zealand such as Hawthorn Lounge Tory Street, the Library Courtenay place, Chow Tory Street, Ancestral Courtney Place etc. all found in and around wellington.

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